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  • What organizations do you donate to?
    We donate a portion of profits to various manatee protection and habitat preservation organizations in the United States. Please see our About page for further details.
  • How long will my order take to ship?
    In general, your order will ship within 1 week. Please note that actual processing time depends on order volume and printing capabilities. Therefore, your order may ship sooner or may take longer than 1 week to ship.
  • What if I order the wrong size clothing product?
    Please reach out to Customer Care using our Contact form on our website. Someone will be happy to assist.
  • Are there any local organizations near me that help Manatees?
    Under Construction
  • How can I directly send money to one of the manatee organizations?
    Under Construction
  • How can I donate time to help Manatees?
    Under Construction
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